Suzie Edward May is a mother, wife and Australian lawyer who lives in Perth, Western Australia.  After being diagnosed at age 28 with rheumatoid arthritis, she became an active health consumer with Arthritis Western Australia. Dedicated to challenging the many stereotyped views of what arthritis is and who it affects, Suzie has become a spokesperson for arthritis in Australia.  

She is an inspirational speaker, writer and interviewee and is committed to ensuring women and men around the world have access to accurate, honest and practical information that will assist them in their decision making and management of their health and family life.

answer many of your questions surrounding pre-conception, pregnancy and post-birth issues

help you understand the potential challenges in starting and raising a family alongside the management of your illness

give you coping strategies to help you through these challenges

assist you in feeling less alone on your path to parenthood

As the first book of its kind worldwide, Arthritis, pregnancy

and the path to parenthood

is a must-read for anyone with arthritis who is contemplating having a family, as well as a moving and educational read for those supporting a loved one on this courageous path.



Arthritis, pregnancy and the path to parenthood is an inspiring and practical self-help guide that takes women and men with arthritis (and others who live with a chronic illness) on the courageous and challenging journey from dreaming of having their own baby to flourishing with their new family.

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer Suzie Edward May shares intimate, honest and insightful experiences of both herself and other women and men with arthritis worldwide as they fulfil their goal of becoming parents, despite their arthritis.


Book foreword by Ainslie Cahill, CEO Arthritis Australia

encourage you to achieve your goals despite your health and the challenges it brings to your life

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Suzie Presents at Arthritis Victoria Consumer Forum, May 2010

Book Launch, March 2010


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